Run SDK Client

Start the Asilla SDK client using the following commands:

asdk run_client
Run Asilla SDK client successfully screen

Important: All asdk commands need to run in the docker container. If you are not in /workspace/AsillaSDK_Client#, use the following command to access asilla_sdk_client container:

sudo docker exec -it CONTAINER_ID /bin/bash

Check the CONTAINER_ID of the asilla_sdk_client:

sudo docker ps

View Realtime Output Streaming

After setting up the cameras and running the Asilla SDK, you can view the output streaming. There are two ways to view the output streaming.

Use a streaming viewer application

Use a streaming view application (example: VLC, ffplay) and open a network stream by below RTSP:


SDK_IP_ADDRESS is the IP Address of your machine you have installed Asilla SDK Client.

View Realtime Output Streaming successfully screen
Use WebRTC on a web browser (experimental)

From Version 1.4, users can check the output streaming with pose overlay with ultra-low latency accelerated by WebRTC. However, due to the high CPU usage of the WebRTC technology, we recommend that you use the SDK with maximum 1 camera for Jetson NX and 10 cameras on a server with GPU card. (Caution: When you use WebRTC, the network that your devices are connected to must have an Internet access)

First, change SDK_IP_ADDRESS and run the command below to turn on the WebRTC function (as well as disable the legacy RTSP streaming).

curl -X POST http://SDK_IP_ADDRESS:5000/setGlobalConfig \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"config_info": {"enable_webrtc": true, "enable_rtsp": false}}'

After that, open a web browser, change SDK_IP_ADDRESS and go to this URL:


Note: Users can only choose one method to view the streaming. For example, you need to disable RTSP to use WebRTC and vice versa.