With the GUI Management, users can change configurations of Asilla SDK in different devices and for different cameras.

Install GUI Management

For a device that has x86_64 CPU architecture (Intel Core i series...)
  1. Install Docker
  2. Run the commands below to pull the docker image and start the GUI system:
    sudo docker pull asilla/sdk_gui:latest
    sudo docker run --name asilla-sdk-gui -p 8080:5000 -it -d asilla/sdk_gui:latest
For a Jetson NX

Run the commands below to pull and run the GUI docker image:

sudo docker pull asilla/sdk_gui:arm64
sudo docker run --name asilla-sdk-gui -p 8080:5000 -it -d asilla/sdk_gui:arm64

Run the GUI

The management GUI system is running on the device's port 8080. To access, go to this address on your browser:



Register your device

On Device list page:

  1. Choose On in ON/OFF
  2. Fill in IP Address and Device Name
  3. Click Update
Setting parameters values

On Configuration page:

  • Global Configuration: for Asilla SDK.
  • Common Configuration: for all cameras that the SDK is handling.
  • Edit: for specific Camera configuration. With the parameters that are both in Common and Specific camera scope, the parameters in the specific Camera scope will be used.

Refer to this PDF file to set Camera/Common/Global configurations for 4 features.