Asilla SDK allows software developers to integrate third party applications with Asilla’s core technologies to provide AI driven security management solutions and to transform existing security management systems to a next level.


Asilla SDK product includes 4 main features:

No Functions Description
1 Line-cross Counting how many individuals cross the specified line
2 Intrusion This function authorized users/ business to easily detect interruption in no duty exemption locations such as factories, construction sites, warehouses, etc.v In the generated area, if there is an intrusion, it will send the warning alert directly
3 Abnormal behavior recognition Anolla Detects crimes or accidents such as fall, fight and stagger and immediately alerts users.
4 Multiple Camera Tracking MCT (coming soon) Recognizes and tracks the same person across many cameras, which means users can check where the same individual has been in different locations. This function allows users to promptly detect lost persons, stolen cases, etc.

In the Asilla SDK, users can integrate each feature separately or integrate the 4 above features.

Asilla SDK will be able to execute on NVIDIA Jetson devices (Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson Nano), and on premise server.
However, for Jetson devices, we recommend to use a maximum of 1 camera for each Jetson Nano and 3 cameras per Jetson Xavier NX.
Starting installation for free with a maximum of 3 cameras. When you want to upgrade to stream more than 3 cameras, please Contact us.