Getting Started

Asilla’s complete SDK allows software developers to integrate third party applications with Asilla’s core technologies to provide AI driven security management solutions and to transform existing security management systems to a next level merging future-proof functionalities to the system.

This SDK compacts three major components:

  • Line-cross (LC)
  • Multiple Camera Tracking (MCT)
  • Abnormal behavior recognition (Anolla)

Software developers can easily integrate above applications separately or whole together and Asilla SDK applications are capable of executing even on edge devices such as Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX, Nvidia Jetson TX2, Nvidia Jetson Nano, etc.

Our SDK comes with two different packages, server package and the client package. Line-cross and Anolla can be utilized with only the client package. For executing MCT, It is required to install the server package in addition to the client package.

Client package Server package
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