Software Development Kit

World-class behavior recognition AI
Realizing a world where incidents・accidents are
prevented with Asilla SDK

Asilla’s SDK supports a wide range of monitoring tasks such as intrusion detection, blacklist registration,
person search and suspicious behavior detection and it’s compatible with existing surveillance cameras
so that your organization’s security system can be easily transformed into an AI system using the API provided by Asilla.
You can easily install the Asilla SDK and start experiencing the advanced AI right away.

The Asilla SDK is a package of future-proof technologies that enables software application development with a little effort.
It allows developers to implement new features in their applications without hassling for understanding inner technologies.

Asilla SDK Lineup



    Detection of accidental entry and trespassing at construction sites or warehouses.

  • MCT
    Multi Camera Tracking

    人物同定SDK MCT

    Flow line analysis and security alerting in commercial facilities.

  • Anolla
    Discomfort Detection “Anolla”

    違和感検知SDK Anolla

    Monitoring operations at large facilities will become possible.

Asilla SDK Features

  • AI conversion for the existing system

    AI conversion for the existing system

    AExisting security management systems can be easily transformed to AI based systems using the API provided by Asilla, Inc.
  • Real-time processing

    Real-time processing

    Our applications can be executed even on edge devices and generate real-time alerts to 3rd-part applications.
  • Monitoring cost reduction

    Monitoring cost reduction

    Enables automating manual monitoring operations with state-of-the-art AI technologies.

Using behavior recognition AI to achieve efficient surveillance operations.

AAsilla SDK enables efficient monitoring operations, reduces labor costs associated with monitoring operations, and improves safety and security through highly accurate real-time processing.

Real-time processing AI
just by installing a palm-sized device

The Asilla SDK allows you to use the existing camera without having to install a new one.
Real-time processing AI can be easily implemented by installing a small palm-sized edge device.

Issues in security and surveillance industry

Although the need for security/surveillance is increasing,
there is a gap between work performance and labor costs due to a lack of human resources.

  • The effective job offer ratio in the security industry in2016 was

  • Percentage of security service providers aged 60 and over

    45% or more
  • 120% year-over-year shipments of surveillance cameras in 2019.


Surveillance cameras on the rise around the world.


「Camera installation status」 common to all functions

POINT1 屋内・屋外どちらもOK POINT2 設置⾼さ2m~5m POINT3 ⾓度45度が検知しやすい
  • Application Performance

  • Supported cameras



Camera installation environment
Installation conditions
height 2m ~ 5m 2m ~ 5m 2m ~ 5m
degree 45 degree angle is easy to detect. 45 degree angle is easy to detect. 45 degree angle is easy to detect.
Frame Rate 10fps more 10fps more 10fps more
Other conditions Depends on camera resolution,
Detected at "20% of frame height" or more
Depends on camera resolution,
Detected at "20% of frame height" or more
Depends on camera resolution,
Detected at "20% of frame height" or more
App performance Day
Brightness (Lux) 100-110,000 100-110,000 100-110,000
Compatible cameras IP Camera
USB Camera
Supported resolutions VGA × × ×
Full HD
4K × × ×
8K × × ×
Wide-angle lens
Fisheye lens × × ×
360 degree Camera × × ×
Compatible edge devices
Models with NVIDIA Jetson NX
Compatible server Spec details
Supported OS Linux