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Asilla, Inc., co-founded by Japanese and Vietnamese, is now a startup
with the world's leading technology in behavior recognition AI. Currently,
it is attracting attention not only from engineers in Japan and Vietnam,
but also from engineers all over the world.

We will achieve "Democratization of AI" by acquiring "World No. 1"
in the field of behavior recognition and expanding it all over the world.

Company Info

Company name Asilla, Inc.
Date of establishment 2015/06/01
Number of employees 68 employees (as of April 2022)
CEO Daisuke Kimura
Head office 〒194-0021
#304 Bldg.MBDA, 1-4-2 Nakamachi, Machida-City, Tokyo, Japan
Business office 〒194-0021
#202 Bldg.NoR-Machida-North, 1-1-4 Nakamachi, Machida-City, Tokyo, Japan
R&D Office Asilla Vietnam
3F Hoang Linh Building, No. 6, Lane 82, Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam
Branch office 〒100-0005
#212 Bldg. Kishimoto, 2-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Capital 56,125,000 JPY
Group company Asilla Vietnam (100%)
Consulting lawyer Yasui Yoshikawa (Watanabe Law Office)
Advisor patent attorney Aida Takataka(Aida Patent Office)
Tax accountant AGS Consulting Co., Ltd.
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (Machida Branch)
Rakuten Bank (Second Sales Branch)
Kiraboshi Bank (Machida Branch)
Main client
Adopted Accelerator
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  • 代表取締役 CEO 木村 大介, PMP

    CEO Daisuke Kimura

    After graduating from university, I started a Video Processing company. After that, transferred the business and engaged in research and development and system supervision at NTT Group. 2015, I established Asilla, Inc. with the people of Hanoi and became the representative director. Chairman of Asilla Vietnam.
  • 取締役 最高財務責任者(CFO) 皆川 芳輝

    CFO Yoshiteru Minagawa

    Joined as Director CFO in 2018, after founded Global Life Planners LLC. in 2014, worked at Fuji Xerox and Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd. Master'd degree in Engineering from Tokyo university in 1992.
  • Co-Founder, Asilla Vietnam CEO Nguyen Thanh Hai

    Co-Founder, Asilla Vietnam CEO
    Nguyen Thanh Hai

    After graduating from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, joined VIPS Co.Ltd - a Japanese software company based in Hanoi. In 2008, Co-founded OSP JSC software company. Joined SETA International Asia Co. Ltd in 2013 - an IT outsourcing service company. In 2015, co-founded Asilla Vietnam and became the CEO of Asilla Vietnam.
  • Co-Founder, Asilla Vietnam CTO Nguyen Viet Thai

    Co-Founder, Asilla Vietnam CTO
    Nguyen Viet Thai

    After graduating from the University of Transport and Communication in 2006, I joined Seta International Asia to develop IT systems in the outsourcing field. After working in the field for 8 years, I started to research AI technology from 2014 and joined Asilla as CTO in 2015.
  • IVA Manager Masahiro Wakasa

    CTO Masahiro Wakasa

    Born in 1992. He received bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. After graduating, he joined JGC Corporation and worked as Plant IT Engineer. While working at JGC Corporation, he got interested in AI technologies and decided to join to Asilla Inc. PMP, JDLA Deep Learning for ENGINEER 2020#1, TOEIC 990..
  • CIPO Takayuki Aida

    CIPO Takayuki Aida

    Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Science and Technology (Departmentof bioengineering)Worked in design and development at a medical device manufacturer aftergraduating from university.Worked at a patent firm in Tokyo since 2002.Opened Aida Patent Office in 2012.Appointed as Intellectual Property Advisor of Asilla, Inc. in 2018.Appointed as Executive Officer and Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO) of Asilla, Inc. in 2021.
  • 監査役 大保 裕司

    Auditor Yuji Obo

    Graduated from University of Tsukuba, College of Social Sciences. Engaged in the auditing, IPO support service, and risk management div at an audit firm. Representative of Ohbo CPA accounting office since 2016.